See Coop sniff


Coop de’Ville

Cooper getting an early start on his chilled out weekend. He doesn’t know I plan to run him ragged at the park.. or maybe it’s the other way around, lol. We’ll see.


puppy tails and trails

I took Copper out on a hike through the rustic park trails. He’s so eager to stop and sniff and investigate everything along the way. Now if he would just stop zig zagging across my feet we could actually make progress.

First Shots

Ok so damnit! How many shots do these little monsters need? Every three weeks for the next couple of months I have to take Cooper to get his shots. Poor guy. He screamed like a wild banshee all 2 blocks to the vet, yesterday. I thought he was going to pass out at the prospect of having a needle stuck in him, but he actually did well. It was after the soreness settled in that he whimpered and yelped and got spoiled rotten! I know.. it’s those eyes. They get me.



Meet Cooper – my new 6 week old Beagle mixed puppy. He’s a cute little guy…definitely keeping me busy! Potty training is tricky!!